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Isik Plastik ve Organizasyon San. A.S. has been on the market of plastic packing since 1992.

Our company owns the most sophisticated machinery equipments and tools which are vital for industrial production and mass delivery. Our work intelligence, machine park and experienced personnels take big roles on our success. We have producing plastics products high in quality with customer satisfaction to meet our customer's need in a chemical industry.

Due to many years in experience we have been supplying to most international medical companies on the Turkish market.

Our business mentality is maintaining;

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Cooperation
  • Customer Care
  • Quality Insurance
  • Ethics

Our most significant goal is to assure infinite customer satisfaction and make it permanent by offering best prices to all requests related to plastic production. Please look at our product range tell your suggestions by phone or by e-mail we can easily find a good solutions for you.

Our products that we produce under the ISO 9001:2000 quality management certification system are serving most known medical companies in the market. Please visit products section of our site to learn about our products...
With the sophisticated machinery, tools and qualified labor Isik Plastik ve Organizasyon San. A.S. meets the standarts for the quality producing and mass delivery. Also we can answer any of your need in hygienic medical plastics fast and perfect...
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